Ophelia Redpath


Ophelia RedpathOphelia Redpath has had a career spanning 20 years of exhibiting in over 100 shows in Britain and overseas.

She was born in Cambridge, where she still lives. From 1983 to 1984 she attended the Art Foundation Course at CCAT, after which she went to Homerton College to study Music and Education. At the end of a year, she left the course to begin her career as a full-time painter, which she has been doing ever since.

She regularly exhibits at The Wren Gallery, Burford; Cambridge Contemporary Art; the Russell Gallery, London; and the Darryl Nantais Gallery, Cambridge.

She continues to draw strength from her artistic heritage provided by her grandmother, Brenda Moore, and grandfather, Leonard Campbell-Taylor. Her mother, a pianist and musician, and her father, an English Don at Cambridge, introduced her to the possibilities of music and literature, which have become strong ingredients in her work.


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